Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PT Update # 3 - The case of the inconsistent back

Yesterday I went to PT. It was actually kind of interesting as the therapist had a student with her so she was explaining what she was doing and asking the student questions about observations on my back instead of just asking me if things hurt. Apparently, I have an inconsistent back. It is different every time I go. Meaning that sometime it has some twisting or scoliosis like issues and sometimes it doesn't. This is significant in that it means there has been no progress because we haven't figured out what kinds of exercise will actually help me and that there has been no significant decrease in pain level. Which means I am still in the same amount of pain with the same frequency as months ago. (Lack of progress at this level causes significant whininess and crabbiness.) I do my exercises as requested. I do what I am told. I don't break the rules and go to yoga or skiing and it isn't helping. Grr, grr, grr. Every time I go, I get new sets of exercises to try. First I had two exercises, then I got two different ones. Then I got two more. Now I have two of the old ones and three new ones.

Tomorrow, when I go back, I am going to talk to her about what else we can do. Do I get more PT sessions? (My insurance would cover them.) Do we try different things? What else can be done? I am not going to PT for my health - well I am but I want some progress. The therapist told me its just as frustrating from her point of view as mine as we can't find a resolution to this.

In the meantime, Yesterday I did manage to get some work done, go snow shoeing briefly, and go to my support group with a chocolate cake. We had a retirement party for a friend who is going out on disability while she has more treatment. A very yummy chocolate cake that violated every diet law known to man - but that is why it tasted so good. And I did my exercises. Today I am going snow shoeing with another friend and to work but first have to do more work from home. I don't lead an exciting life.

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