Sunday, December 9, 2007

The impact of socializing

So we went to a friend's annual holiday party yesterday. It was nice to get out and see people. However I had forgotten about one key issue: I saw people I hadn't seen since my diagnosis and they didn't know. Hmmm... How to handle this in a public situation? 'Hi, nice to see you. I have short hair because I am in chemotherapy and its really a wig.' Ooops! I forgot about that part. It does make things a bit awkward... I think I did okay. Anyhow the food was yummy. We ate way too much (lasagna, meatballs, calzones, brownies, chips, dip, etc.) and are going for a walk this morning to recover before going out for Chinese food brunch.

On the crabbiness issue, I was informed yesterday when I asked Walter on a scale of 1-10 what my crabbiness level was, that I was at the Spinal Tap level of 11. (If you don't know, rent the movie, its a mockumentary about a 1970's fictitious rock band.) I went for a walk yesterday and then took a nap before going to Lahey and the party. When we got home, Walter insisted I go to bed to prevent further crabbiness today. I will try very hard to prevent crabbiness but his cat just made me a present on the rug in my office. Grrr...

The MRI went fine yesterday. Other than when they put the IV in and it really hurt. However I survived.

After our walk and brunch today, we are going to get our Christmas tree. I decided I needed to sleep yesterday instead of go run more errands so it got delayed until today. I might even get a start on Christmas cards as well!

PS We tried our first installment from the Bacon of the Month club yesterday for breakfast. It was yummy. We are not sharing. Don't even try to stop by for breakfast to get some.

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