Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Days of doctors appointments

In the next 8 days I have 6 doctors appointments: mammogram today, chemo and medical oncologist tomorrow, MRI Saturday, surgeon follow up Monday, radiation oncologist Wednesday, and chemo Thursday. I think that is plenty of appointments (and opportunities to see OMWAHS) thank you. Unfortunately the two oncologists will probably have more appointments for me to go to in the future. I think I will be very busy the next few weeks.

Now that I am almost at the end of chemo, it is time to plan any follow up tests (and when I can get my damn port taken out) with the medical oncologist. I will also find out hormone therapy which I will be on for the next five years. Also, radiation begins so I need to have an initial consultation with the radiation oncologist followed by a planning session with the technicians, then six or seven weeks of radiation five days a week beginning in January. Now that will be a fun time! (NOT!)

Well I will keep you all informed of any and all OMWAHs seen. Maybe I should take my camera along and take pictures....

Anyhow, I did finally break into the ice cream last night. Too bad I bought a kind Walter doesn't like - it has marshmallow in it and he hates marshmallow (I forgot, I always forget about the damn marshmallow thing). Now guilt sets in and I think I should go buy the flavor he likes. That would be the 'right' thing to do but lets see if my chemo brain allows me to remember ice cream while in the grocery store.

Well off for a morning of fun at Lahey. I have to figure out when I can fit in a trip to the gym today as well before I go to work. I think its too cold to walk outside.The news said its 14 degrees and there is a lot of ice around.

In response to some feedback I have received: Yes, I have ugly toes. You saw them with the really yucky toe nails - just be glad its not YOUR feet. I hope it didn't ruin your day. I do eat nutritional food. I am not living on junk food alone. I will have some pears for breakfast and soup for lunch. Dinner will probably be chicken and salad (with ice cream for dessert).

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