Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and all that

Yesterday, we went out to dinner. Yes, I went out in the evening. This was my first evening excursion since September. We got home and Walter insisted I go to bed. (I think I might have been cranky and had big circles under my eyes.) He was very insistent. 'Go to sleep.' 'Yes, dear.' Anyhow, I was tired. I did go to bed and fall asleep. Then I slept late this morning. I think he tried to wake me up a few times. He was sick of looking at the presents under the Christmas tree! We also went for a little walk yesterday morning. It was good for us! That might have contributed to being tired, as well as going Christmas caroling in the afternoon and then out to dinner.

Today, will be less energetic. I am still tired. The cat has lots of new toys to play with. (He will be intoxicated.) I have new pajamas and a new sweater, among other things. Walter has lots of new things (but he isn't spoiled, the cat is). We are going to my parents house which isn't far away. We will probably eat way too much food.

We are having a white Christmas. I am not sure when the last time was there was snow on Christmas around here. Its been a few years since we have had so much snow on Christmas and a lot melted in the last few days. It does add to the holiday feeling. Happy Holidays!

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