Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So the cat's spoiled

I bought him four more cat toys for Christmas. Three will go in his stocking. They are currently residing safely in the freezer. One he already has. We discovered that when he over indulges in catnip, the inside of his ears turns pink. Not like people get red eyes when under the influence, his ears turn red. Now we can tell when he is over indulging. He was actually pretty funny. He wouldn't be separated from his new toy. Then he slept. Alot. And snored.

Yesterday wasn't too exciting. Went to the gym , a volunteer meeting, Christmas shopping, and work. Nothing much. Today, is another exciting day in my life. I get to go back to Lahey for an appointment with the radiation oncologist to plan radiation. Then maybe a walk outside and work. How exciting is that? Not very I admit.

Actually today's dilemma is I meet with the radiation oncologist to plan radiation as I said. However I know nothing about radiation. I was supposed to read up on it in advance. Oops! Too late now! I have a 9 am apt. I'll read afterwards. Sort of like reading the book after finals.

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