Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yesterday at Lahey

All the OMWAHs were hiding. I think they were scared of the ice. Anyhow, it was a miracle day: I was in and out of Lahey in less than one hour. This doesn't happen very often. My mammogram was fine but no MRI results yet, they will call in a few days.

I went to the mall for the first time in about six months. I figured it was a good time as the roads were supposedly icy (but really weren't - driveways were icy so no one left their houses. I saw one lady who managed to get her SUV wedged diagonally across here driveway between a stone wall and a pile of snow. ) Otherwise, nothing exciting. I went to the gym, went to work, started to decorate the Christmas tree. That cat wanted to help decorate the tree. He is not very helpful. Is it a toy or an ornament? Why does he check out EVERY one? If he's not careful, all his presents will be returned for a lump of coal that he won't like! (Yes, he even has his own stocking. It is very sad. But he's not really spoiled. Walter is more spoiled.) Again, yesterday I got very tired and ended up spending several productive hours in front of the TV and went to be early. I have been told going to bed early is the best crabbiness prevention available.

Today, I have a meeting, going to the gym, work, and support group. Must do more work on Christmas cards. Must buy stamps. More boring life. I think some day I will again lead an exciting life and have something to write about but apparently not these days. But then I won't get to watch as much TV.

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