Friday, December 7, 2007

Crabbiness alert

I went to chemo yesterday but didn't take my normal nap. I was very crabby. Ask Walter. He got crabby because I was crabby. I slept okay last night but there is no confirmation crabbiness may not return. You can ask the customer service person at Toys R Us who screwed up my order about my crabbiness level. Consider yourselves warned!

Yesterday went okay. We were there a long time but I did meet with my medical oncologist and talked about lots of follow up issues. The answer to the big question is no I don't get my port out right away but we will talk about it at my next appointment with him in January. I can live with that for now but in January, I will be less patient. Otherwise, the big topic of conversation is hormone therapy. Basically hormone therapy has shown to reduce the risk of recurrence more than chemotherapy does - by another 1/3 or more. After all this chemo and hormone therapy my recurrence risk will be down around 10%. Now it would be nice that it would be lower but there is not much we can do with this. Also, as been pointed out that these numbers are based on patients from 1996-2002 or so and there have been vast improvements in treatment since then and there continue to be more. Anyhow, 10% risk of recurrence, translates to 90% risk of no recurrence. People play the lottery for lots lower odds.

11 down, 1 to go. (YEAH!!!!)

PS we just got a delivery of a Christmas gift from Hammacher Schlemmer that looks to be defective. Their customer service person is about to find out about my crabbiness level too!

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Anonymous said...

your writing has been helpfu;l to many of us. You even give us ideas what to eat, Thanks,
Did your hair start to grow back with taxol and did your eveybrows and eyelashes fall out.

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