Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I don't think my brain is turned on

It may be permanently stuck in the off position. I continually can't make it work correctly - turn on the stove when trying to cook dinner, remember after 3 tries that I meant to do something and what it was, do everything right at work (on the first try), and, then my husband's pet peeve, remember to turn off the stove when done with dinner. You think these would not be rocket science but apparently they are beyond my abilities. Included in my great mental capacity is the fact that last night I made lunches for both of us to take to work today. Too bad, I am eating at home today.

Yesterday we had some really strong thunderstorms come through which means I don't have to go water everything today. One less thing to do. But I do have lots to do. A breakfast meeting, run some errands, work from home, go to work, meet a friend for a walk. I think that's it. If its not written down, its not going to happen. Okay, a quick check of my calendar shows that is all that is written down except a short workshop I was considering. I will have to see if I can fit it in my schedule. It is about writing cover letters. Perhaps that would help me get a job. 'Please hire me. I have no brain but I promise to try to work hard. Just pay me lots of money too.' Maybe I don't need the workshop...

The question of the day is how long does it take to defrost a frozen chicken in the refrigerator? We are having it for dinner Friday night. Should I take it out of the freezer this morning or tomorrow morning. I am leaning towards taking it out today to make sure it is defrosted... I tried googling this and didn't really get a good answer. Maybe I should go look in one of my billion cookbooks!

However, this morning I do need to motivate as a breakfast meeting means I need to be some place at 8 am. This is very early for me these days. At 8 am now a days I am usually either on my computer in my pj's or possibly out for a walk, not showered and dressed and out in public. But this is why they invented caffeine.

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Susan said...

The lingering effects of chemo brain are very frustrating! The most common phrase out of my mouth: "I don't remember." :-(

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