Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speeding through Lahey Clinic

Yesterday I went for my bone density scan. From the time I entered the parking garage, parked, walked into the main building, took the stairs down two flights, checked in, waited, was given instructions, changed, used the bathroom, waited another couple of minutes in the other waiting room, was called, had the scan, changed back, took the elevator up two flights, and paid for my parking was a paltry 29 minutes. I think this sets some kind of record.

Anyhow, it was painless, did not involve needles, and was over quickly. Who can argue with medical tests like that? I do however have an issue with their drawstring pants. The woman asked me if I was wearing any metal and I had pants with a metal zipper on them. She said I had to put on their drawstring pants, like pajama bottoms, to wear instead but could keep on the rest of my clothes - including my t-shirt and sweater. Well the draw string could be tied, but the gap was hard to keep closed. I ended up pulling my t-shirt down so that I would avoid any ill-timed displays. It would have been easier if I was given a robe as well. But I believe I managed to keep my dignity intact. (Or at least no one brought it to my attention that my undies were on display.)

The rest of my day was quite busy. I worked hard but not as hard as Walter. Once again he took the day off thinking it would be restful. He mowed the lawn, put in two brick borders, cleaned his office, pruned the hedges, and trimmed tree branches. Then he helped me pot all the vegetables I bought to start my vegetable container garden for the summer. I only put up the strings for the morning glories to climb and to contain the cosmos, planted the plants I bought earlier in the week, went for a walk with a friend, and did a little weeding. Unfortunately I have a lot more weeding to do. Why can't I grow plants and flowers without the weeds??? Wouldn't that be nice.

Today we have to get more dirt to finish the window boxes - 12 pots to be filled and carried around to the front of the house. He isn't getting much rest. Tomorrow we get to rest at the beach. After he carries all our stuff down to it. This not being able to carry stuff is a royal pain in the butt!

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