Friday, April 25, 2008

An educational experience

Yesterday was an educational experience. I learned lots of things. First I learned that I can still go to the beach and not get sunburned. Not at all! A successful mission. I did get to walk about 4 miles and enjoy the sunshine. I did wade in the water a little. It wasn't bad where the sun had warmed it but was freezing where it was deeper. There were a few children swimming. Obviously, their bodies were numb so that they couldn't feel the cold water. It was very windy as well so the children who weren't swimming were flying kites.

I also learned that it is possible for a single person to use up their entire battery in their digital camera at the same time that they completely fill their memory card. (This means I have to find my other memory cards and charge both batteries ASAP.) I did fill up the card and then found that, just by looking at the little screen on the back of the camera, that approximately 8% of the pictures I took were absolute crap and could be deleted. (When I got home and looked on my computer, I could delete another 10% as well.) Is being in focus that important? Well, apparently it is.

In addition, I found that it is possible for a single person to pick up an entire plastic bag full of trash without even trying. I had brought a bag with me in case I found interesting shells. Unfortunately I found lots of trash. I didn't even have to go chase things down. It was very easy to retrieve a whole bag. I probably could have picked up five bags if I wanted to. Some lady said to me 'are you collecting shells?' 'Um, no. Trash. There's lots of it.' 'Oh.' Just imagine if everyone who went to the beach once a year picked up a bag of trash, how much cleaner things would be????

After my little walk, I needed some fried clams to rejuvenate me. In anticipation of this feast, I had celery sticks on the way to the beach. The clams were quite yummy and completely non nutritional as they were fried. I had a salad for dinner to recover. Walter did make it home on an earlier flight so the cat is now happy again (well I am too).

Today I am VERY busy. I have work to do from home, a phone call for work, a doctor's appointment, a walk with a friend, and a phone interview for another job!!!! Not much. Just a few things. However, keeping me busy, keeps me out of trouble....

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Anonymous said...

Caroline, did you see CBS last night? Last night they said something about the 'Free Rice" site you posted a while back...good stuff

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