Saturday, April 5, 2008

I missed going to Lahey. I admit it.

Yes, I missed going to the Lahey. It had been a while since I had been to the offices up in Peabody. No, not really. I'm lying. So I have been having this rash right next to where my radiation boost was, that is basically sporadically painful for several weeks. The pain level, when it occurred, was at the 'suck in your breath when it hits'.

As I am so sick of going to doctors, I was waiting to let it go away on its own. I finally decided that it wasn't getting better so I called the radiation oncologist. The nurse said 'sounds like shingles but we need the doctor to take a look'. So the doctor said she could fit me in if I drove up to Peabody (20 minutes away). I went, she looked and said... (drum roll)... 'I have no idea. I have never seen anything like this. I think the surgeon should look at it and take a biopsy.' Gee, just what I (NOT) wanted to hear. So I have an appointment for Monday morning at 9 am. I think this will be a 'procedure'. I am so (NOT) looking forward to it. So this weekend will be spent in anticipation of needles and other fun stuff on Monday.

To keep my mind off it, I have been guilty of substance abuse - ice cream. Oreo cookie to be exact. It was yummy. I am not sharing. Walter is off ice cream this week as he has a weigh in next weekend. That means I don't have to share with him. The cat is unfortunately discovering ice cream. He tries to share and stick his head in my ice cream dish. This results in jail time for him. His jail is the side porch which has windows on three sides and a view of many squirrels. It does not include his food dish which is why he tends to regard it as a jail. The real benefit is it allows us to enjoy food with out a beggar. At best he sits on your lap. At worst, his nose is in or near your food.

We are also going to go out for a walk this morning. It has (mostly) stopped raining. That is why we have jackets and hats. We won't melt or wreck our hair dos. Not that I have much of one of those these days. Anyway, not a super exciting day but then it wouldn't be my life if it wasn't boring!

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