Sunday, April 20, 2008

I can be very strong

Yesterday I was quite proud of myself. We went to the grocery store on the way out to dinner. We had a very small list of things to get. We went last night because today is Patriots Day around here and there are battle reenactments and parades and all sorts of traffic inconveniences around. Anyhow, after getting things on our list, I went down the sale aisle. They had GIANT tubs of spiced gum drops ON SALE! I looked and said I need one of these!!! I put it in the cart and got comments like 'how can you even eat those things?' from Walter.

At the self checkout, Walter proceeded to bag everything (after helping the lady in front of us who was holding her baby and trying to do everything one handed - including bag her baby food). I was left at the register end. I scanned everything and put them on the belt. Then I got to the spice drops. I said 'I really don't need these. Besides, this week I am still writing down everything I eat for the doctor so I really shouldn't get these.' I was strong and put them back. I did not purchase them. I am very proud of myself. Will power - way to go!

When I am done writing down everything for the doctor, perhaps I will reward myself with more gum drops. Maybe I'll wait until I go see her next. I did get my updated list of doctor appointments. In the next two months I get to see my oncologist, therapist, GI doctor, have a bone density scan, a mammogram, and see my PCP again. I am also supposed to see the surgeon after the mammogram but some how that one is now written in invisible ink and is not listed. I will have to call tomorrow to find out what happened. The mysterious disappearing doctor appointment. Once again designed to confuse patients.

I was also very strong yesterday. We climbed a mountain. Today I am rather tired. There is a chance I possibly over did it a tiny bit. I am not sure. I will take it easy today. Well mostly. I have gardening stuff to do. And some laundry. And some cleaning. And a few errands. And I want to go for a walk. And maybe see the parade and the reenactment. And I think there's more but I cant remember.

Another thing I did do right yesterday was not get a sunburn. This year in particular I have to worry about sun burns. You are more sensitive after radiation to sun. Particularly where radiated 'or crisped'. For me that should be hidden under clothing as a rule unless I am in a bathing suit (or at a nudist colony but my body is too flabby for that). However the real issue with sun burn is that damn lymphadema thing (which is a permanent problem....). Since they took out lymph nodes (remember I wrote about that last summer), they compromised the lymph system which is your body's drainage system in my upper left quadrant. (Your lymph system has four quadrants and is in your skin pretty much or just under it). I have to forever be worried about damaging the skin in that quadrant. This includes cuts, burns, etc. Which includes sun burns. Which is a pain in the butt. I mean when I drive in the summer time with the window open and my arm hanging out. What if I get a sun burn. Grr, grr, grr! Today more sunscreen. And no gum drops.

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