Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grow damnit!

I mean my hair and my garden but not my waist line! Finally yesterday I got outside and did some weeding and gardening. Voila! my little purple (well more like fuschia) tulips started blooming all over the place. Were they happier because I weeded around them or was it finally just time for them to bloom? One of life's little mysteries. Also the chinodoxia is blooming and the hyacinths look like they are almost ready.

It is very sad news that I have to report. I have learned that, my ultimate favorite food - which is totally non-healthy - fried clams are available in walking distance from our house. Now I have known about this for quite a while but I now have had several references citing the quality of these. As soon as I am done writing down everything I eat and drink for my doctor, I will have to indulge...

As far as my list goes, it is getting quite lengthy. I have considered going on a 'healthy' diet or perhaps 'inadvertently' omitting some items from my list of things I eat and drink before the doctor analyzes them. But what's the point? the point is something isn't right and if it is my eating/drinking habits that cause it, well, I guess we need to know. However, so far it is pretty clear to me that it doesn't take much to make my pains start. I mean sitting is a good example of something that seems to cause pain.

However, I am not stupid enough to go out and indulge in a plate of fried food at this point. I haven't had ice cream either. Or bacon. I'm suffering greatly. But I did have fried food last night. We had potato skins (no cheese) and I had french fries with my scallops. They were calling me. I am not sure when I last had french fries so I felt compelled to indulge. I did also have a salad and did not have dessert.

Today is actually an exciting day. We are going for a small hike with friends. This will be a test. We haven't been hiking since fall of 2006. We missed the first part of last season because I had bursitis in my hip. Then there was this stupid mammogram/surgery/chemotherapy/radiation delay that interfered with lots of plans. We have a vacation shortly where we want to go hiking so this is a test of my abilities to: 1. climb a mountain, 2. carry a very, very, very, very small pack, and 3. convince Walter that #2 is true and he needs to carry a bigger pack.

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