Friday, April 4, 2008

Who has the best collection?

First of all, we have kitty's collection. We keep it on the bottom shelf of a table by the front door. He goes and knocks the toys off and throws them around. Yesterday I went out for a walk and they were all piled neatly up. When I came back, they were all over the floor. Note the presence of kitty drugs. We are not responsible for his actions when he access his drugs. Does he have a substance abuse problem? We are not sure but often we find his toys everywhere. Some of them have bells and we hear him rolling them around in the middle of the night.

The next collection is the beads. I have a multistrand necklace of these beads which now has one fewer strand on it. I put my necklace on the bed the other day just for a minute while I was getting dressed and someone (who is furry but shall remain nameless) jumped up on the bed and walked on it. When I picked it up, there was a little stream of beads spreading all over the floor. Evidently his delicate 18 lbs. managed to break a strand. Luckily this necklace has many strands so it is not that obvious. Now I have a little collection of beads that I cannot possibly restring.

The third collection is probably the most pathetic. After trips home from Lahey, I would just throw the bracelets on my desk next to my monitor and then I found I have a whole pile of them. I guess they are my souvenirs of treatments. I would get one every time I went for chemo and then for 'procedures' and 'tests' but not for radiation. (At radiation, they took your picture and stuck it in your file so they could recognize you and not have to use bracelets each time you go for a treatment.) I probably threw out twice as many as I still have. In addition to my collection of surgical scars, I have these as well for souvenirs.

Now I have three little collections of crap. The first is probably the most useful (well at least for the cat). The second fairly useless and the third one is totally useless. Time for spring cleaning. Well, that will give me something to do today as it is a yucky 35 degree rainy day. No walk outside for me. Perhaps I will make it to the gym in time to watch Ellen DeGeneres as I walk to nowhere on the treadmill but I think its a rerun!

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