Monday, April 28, 2008

Off to repel the invaders

After everything else that is going on, I find I have invasive Japanese Knotweed in my garden. This stuff grows 10' tall in one summer and creates massive thickets that force out all other plants. And it has taken up residence in a portion of my garden formerly reserved for annuals. This means war. With all my spare time between jobs and doctor appointments, I shall be out with a vengeance in my garden with chemicals - yes, its the only thing that works against this stuff. Well, at least this is better than focusing on health issues.

Yesterday I was a good person and ate a banana, some fat free yogurt, an omelet made of egg beaters, dry toast with jelly, crackers, shrimp, green beans, and salad. Today so far I feel okay (and it IS early.) Yesterday I felt okay too. Perhaps this is working. But let me tell you it is stretching my creative cooking limits with this fat free stuff. We went out to a diner yesterday for brunch where I had my egg beaters omelet and toast with jelly. I couldn't have anything with cheese, bacon, no hash browns, no butter on my toast, tea to drink so I didn't put cream in my coffee, etc. WWWWAAAHHH!!!

Today I will be good again. But first I have to go for my walk quickly before the rain starts (can I prevent the rain from falling on the Japanese Knotweed so it wont grow?). Then off to work all day with a fat free lunch.

I did realize yesterday that gum drops are a fat free food - as it says on the label - but have resisted the urge to purchase any (so far).

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Ellen S said...


You summed it up here, you know?! How perfect. I think it's going to be time to write a similar letter to my own body.

How cathartic.

Getting some control back...

OR the illusion of control.

No, it's control. Nobody's making me say anything, it's just my choice, right? Maybe my body isn't entirely under my control, but how I respond to it is.

Thanks for giving me something to think about today. :)

Ellen Schnakenberg
WEGO Health

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