Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is it never ending?

Yesterday I actually felt like a real human being for a brief period. I did contemplate cleaning my car and clean the house but that ended very quickly. I did do some minor house cleaning. However its never ending that I still don't feel completely back to my old self. I do think there is hope someday. However my bursitis, reputed IBS, and rash are all causing intermittent aches and pains that don't go away...

Also, my brain capacity is diminished. I do have an excuse - chemo brain - but I wish I could remember stuff. This morning I got the list I started last night of things I had forgotten to do yesterday, then I picked up my pen, and forgot what I was going to add. I have no brain - the scarecrow syndrome (If I only had a brain.)

I have great hopes that someday, I will be back to normal but not yet. I also wonder if at my doctor visit on Friday, I will learn anything new and exciting. Not that I expect to but every time I go to the doctor these days, I wonder what else they will tell me.

On a brighter note, I now have two flowers in the garden. One of my crocuses finally bloomed. I think it is pretty late. None of my tulips or daffodils show any signs yet of blooming. However April showers bring May flowers so maybe I have to wait a month... I am not very good at that these days.

Today is actually supposed to be spring like and up near 60. I plan on doing some work this morning and then between phone interviews, I will garden and go for a walk. I might even wear shorts. Yes, did you notice that? I have two phone interviews today. One with a nonprofit and the other with a 'boutique financial services' company. Both are for part time work and would allow me to work partially at home as well. I am excited. Money would be a good thing.

The big mystery of today is what happened to my crocs that I wear for gardening. I looked yesterday and they are not in any of their normal places. They are perfect for gardening as they keep my feet protected and dry. However they are completely MIA. I will have to take advantage of my well being and find them wherever they were hidden away. (Is it a coincidence that they are missing and my husband thinks they are the most ridiculous things on the planet - mostly because they are bright pink???)

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