Monday, April 14, 2008

I had a fun day!

Yes, I had a fun day. I haven't had a fun day in a long time. Actually I had two fun days in a row. But yesterday I drove up to Salem NH and met some women I had met in an online breast cancer board.

From left to right, me, Norma Jean, Bunkys Mom a/k/a Betsy, Shirley, and Cindy D. We had a great time. I have more pictures to email around as well. It was nice to really meet people that I had only 'met' online and who have been through some of the same things as me. It was a lot of fun.

Later on, I was in a trivia contest. It was a local fundraiser to help the town schools. We wore our feather boas and tied for third place in the first round but didn't place in the final round. However, we had a good time. Lots of local trivia I didn't know (name the seven historic districts in town) and MATH questions! If you have four shapes with an equal perimeter, which one has the greatest area: square, circle, octagon, ellipse??? Silly me, it was circle. I thought it was a trick question and guessed all the same... Do you know what ZIP as in ZIP code stands for? Zoning Improvement Plan... Well, we didn't get that one either.

Funny, after being out all day I was tired. We went out for pizza. The restaurant with the yummy rolls won the choice. The first place had a thirty minute wait, the second place had a 15 minute wait and the third place also had a 15 minute wait but would let us put our name in ahead of time so when we got there, we got seated immediately. To counteract our healthy pizzas we had a salad first. Very yummy. Today we return to healthy eating. And I will take a BIG walk to counteract the pizza consumption.

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NormaJean said...

Hi Caroline,
It was so awesome meeting you all! I hope we do it again and more sisters from Komen can join us. Is David Chan from California? If it is that is my sister in laws doctor. She speaks very highly of him. Thanks for posting the picture!

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