Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a restful night!

The phone rang at 3:19 am to inform us that Walter's flight this morning was delayed by an hour. This did not benefit us in the least. First of all, it woke us up. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. We also couldn't really leave for the airport any later than 6 am so as to avoid traffic. I do need to add that at that hour there really is no one else in the tunnel to the airport, except the moron driving 2 feet from my rear bumper. Needless to say, I might need a nap today. Or perhaps I can just be crabby. Walter is away for three days so I can be crabby and he won't even know.

I finally got the appointment notification for the follow up with the surgeon. Its not until June but its nice that I finally know when it is. However (as they continue to perfect the art of patient confusion), I am supposed to have a mammogram and then see him when he has the results. I am not sure an hour and a half is enough time between the two for this to happen. I will call today but I do believe one of them will need to be rescheduled. Right now they are both on Friday the 13th as well. I am not sure I like that date either. We already went through the MRI and then no results available when I saw him in December and I don't want to have a repeat.

Today, finally spring will be here. It is already in the mid-50's. That's right 5-0, not 40's or 30's or 20's or 10's or lower. But 50's. Once I finish waking up (two cups of coffee already have not kicked in), I will go for a walk and not have to wear multiple layers of clothes. Perhaps I will wear shorts! Now there's a concept! (When was the last time I shaved my legs? Hmmmm.... Perhaps no shorts.) After my walk I will go to work and my support group. Another exciting and eventful day in my life.

My parents are coming for dinner tonight so the cat doesn't feel neglected with Walter out of town. I am not sure I can properly pay enough attention to him. He needs at least two humans around to cater to his needs properly.

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