Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trying to get organized

Tomorrow, I go back to my primary care physician for an annual physical - in case I haven't been to the doctor enough in the past year. It was a year ago that my annual physical turned into a mammogram which turned into... well, you know. As I said before, after my annual physical my cholesterol and sugars levels were slightly elevated and I was going to improve my diet to rectify the situation. Well, I don't think I really did. I mean I am trying to eat better, more fruit and vegetables, less processed food, but ice cream, bacon, gum drops (yes, I am weak, I bought more yesterday), etc keep getting in the way.

Since I have had a rather 'eventful' year, I need to be organized for my appointment tomorrow. First I have to make a list of all the lists I need to bring with me. I think this will consist of:
  • Medications currently taking. Last year this was a list of one item. Now we are up to five. There's the thyroid pill, the hormone therapy, the stuff that makes me loopy and is supposed to solve the pains in my side, the stuff so I don't stress, and the antacid for heartburn. (Maybe I need a pill for memory enhancement). Oh, and vitamins - multivitamin, B complex, and calcium supplements. So maybe nine items written down with the dose amounts. No, I can't do math, five plus three is eight. (I am sooooo smart!)
  • Allergies to medications. This used to be only 4 items, now it is also up to five because only I can be allergic to Benadryl - the stuff they give you to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Treatments, 'procedures', results, etc undergone in the past year. My medical file now resembles in size the unedited Oxford English Dictionary. I think a little summary will help here. Also, as I can't remember anything I had to write it down so I figure I might as well bring it to share with the doctor.
  • The all important list of things to ask the doctor about. Currently that has nine items on it, in addition to reviewing my medical history. You know my mystery rash, etc.
There may be more things to add to the list of lists and the individual lists but I can't remember them now. That is why I have written everything down.

Also, even though my appointment is in the morning, I think I will probably end up in the evil Lahey time suck. This is when you see a doctor and they say 'we need some tests'. You then get sent off to X-ray, blood lab, and elsewhere. Each place you have to wait your turn. Sometimes they are quick, but sometimes it can take a while. This is where the book is key. If you bring a book, you are whisked through everything and don't have time to read it. If you don't bring a book you doom yourself to reading old copies of People magazine (and since Charles and Diana did get a divorce, we know all we need to know).

This also means another adventure at the parking garage. Monday was somewhat stressful but the real 'ace' driver I saw was yesterday afternoon. There was a little bitty area of the street dug up - maybe 6' x 6'. This 'highly intelligent life form' decided to make a U-turn while directly across from it. Their U-turn ended up turning into a 9 point turn that blocked both sides of the road - not an important road, just the main road through town. If they had executed their U-turn 6' further or back, they probably would have been successful in one try. Instead, they aimed perfectly and succeeded in blocking the road. Where do these people get their licenses?

Off for my morning walk. Its already 50 degrees. Then work, nothing exciting. (It wouldn't be me if it wasn't boring!

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