Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money down the drain

So that was money down the drain. I took the subway to my interview in Boston yesterday. I stuck six quarters in my pocket in case my subway card didn't have enough money for bus fare on it. I made it into town and stopped to use the ladies room. After 'doing my business' I stood up and the quarters fell out of my pocket and into the toilet, then automatic flush went. Voila! Six quarters down the drain! Nothing I could possibly do. Its only money.

My job interview did go okay. Not great. I have no idea. Actually I don't think I got it. I will find out soon. Oh, well, there are more jobs out there. Let's see - we have the cancer roller coaster ride and we have the job hunting roller coaster ride. Then we can ride them together and really go nuts. Up, down, up, down, yuck! And then there is the general when will I feel better mode because I have been on this roller coaster too damn long!

It was nice to get into Boston again. I don't think I have been into the city on the subway for more than a year.

Today, I was slightly over scheduled but once again have the case of the sick doctor so I have a little leeway in my schedule. I was supposed to go to my therapist this morning and was going to combine it with my fasting blood test. They already called and canceled my therapist appointment but since I have not had breakfast I might as well still go to the blood lab. But my question is can I go to the blood lab at the other office of the hospital so I don't have to deal with the OMWAH filled parking garage that costs money and its closer? I have to call and find out. I can be much more productive that way. Later this afternoon I will go see a dermatologist about my mystery rash and then go to work. I really need to work at home for a few hours as well. I also want to get out for a walk. My life is so complicated.

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