Friday, April 11, 2008

I did it!

I got organized. I made my little (or not so little) lists and printed them out and put them... er... somewhere around here... I will have to find them. Or I can kill more trees and just print them again. I hate it when I do this. Spaceshotitis! Well, I don't have to leave for an hour. That gives me plenty of time to find/reprint them, take a shower, get dressed, make a shopping list for the farm stand, and waste time on the internet. Wait, no I only have an hour and I have to get all that done including waste time on the internet? I can waste hours on the internet without doing anything else. Perhaps I should motivate. No, I only have a doctor's appointment. I can procrastinate for a bit and then end up running from the parking garage so my blood pressure is at a nice elevated level when they check it.

Actually, today I don't work but have a big list of things to do: doctor appointment, farm stand, Trader Joe's, library, bank, walk with a friend, manicure, wrap a birthday present, and ... I can't remember the rest. Oh, follow up with two jobs and find out when I am volunteering for an upcoming conference! I may not have time to spend on the internet - WAH!

I also have a busy weekend planned. I am going to celebrate a friends birthday tomorrow and then on Sunday I am meeting some women who also are breast cancer survivors. Then I am in a trivia contest here in town to help fund raise for the local schools. Also, we are going out to dinner one night. We have decided Walter will have his weigh in this weekend and I have my check up today. Then we get to go out for pizza to celebrate and undo all the good eating we have been doing. However we have a dilemma. Do we go to one local pizza place which has very good pizza and amazing sour dough rolls they serve with real butter or do we go to another chain where the pizza is almost as good but has really good herb topped bread with a garlic/oil/cheese/hot pepper dipping sauce (Bertuccis vs. Not Your Average Joe's if you are a local reading this.) We can't decide. Both have their merits. Both are probably just as bad for you.

I must clarify we do eat healthy as a rule. Breakfast is usually a couple pieces of fruit and maybe some toast. Dinner always starts with a salad. We eat tons of vegetables each week. Walter's lunch always has celery and carrot sticks and an apple or pear. I felt I should clarify that we do not live on bacon, gum drops and ice cream (all the time).

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